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Israel, Jerusalem and the Nations

July 30, 2008

Israel, Jerusalem and the Nations

Magazine ” Shiur Times “

                                      by David Orbach (RN, BA)

                                      Ministry of Health, Advisor to the Likud President in Jerusalem Michel Ben Ami. 



We all know the Midrash that G.od, on the Eve of Shavuot, offered the Torah to the descendants or Essav, who became the Christians,the Europeans, the Americans, and they answered : “ what is written in the Torah ?”

“ In the Torah it is written : “You shall not kill “ . And the sons of Essav protested : “ This is ridiculous, we are soldiers, man of war, we love to kill. No thanks, this Torah is not useful to us “. Then G.od asked to the sons of Ishmael, who became the Muslims, if they want the Torah where it is written : “You shall not steal”, and the sons of Ishmael said : “ Sorry, but we love to steal, this Torah is not for us”. Then G.od went to the sons of Israel and they said : “ How much doest it cost this Torah ? “ “ It’s free, you can have two for the price of one”.

The sons of Israel then accepted to have 2 Torah, the Written and he Oral Torah.  

 In the Oral Torah, the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Pessachim ( 118 b ch.10 ), there is a question about the ritual of the third and fourth cup. We have to say after the Hallel the Psalm 117, with the praise of the nations glorifying the G.od of Israel : “ Praise the Lord, all the goyim, praise Him all the nations. For His mercy prevail over us, and the truth of the Lord endure forever. Halleluyah.” You can hear beautiful music on Psalms 117,149,150, 41,42,…on

Why do the nations have to praise the Lord, and say Halleluyah, , asks the Gemara.

Basicaly, because these nations who wanted to exterminate us, and did not succeed will recognize the mercy of the Lord for us. And the Gemara shows the example of Egypt and the “ criminal roman empire”.

But the truth of the Lord  can be found also scientifically, in the famous opposition of the Hebrew and Greek medicine. The Talmud states that leprosy or skin cancer is the Divine punishment for seven sins ; murder, slander, swearing falsely, incest, vanity, theft, begrudging others ( Eruchin 16a). According to Hebrew medicine, you can be sick for moral or psychosomatic reason, A few month ago, a religious radio, Kol Chai, did a survey on the question : Do you think the cerebral vascular accident of Ariel Sharon is a Divine punishment ? In the religious population 70% said yes, and only 14% agreed in the secular population.


The mitsvot of the Torah are in two categories ; those between man and G.od , and those between man and man.The left side and the right side of the 10 commandments.

It is significant that the seven sins that are punished by skin disease are offenses against one’s fellow man, and a occasion to do Tshuva. But in the Hebrew tradition, the sickness is not seen as a punishment . It is called” Isurin shel Ahavah”, sent even to Tsadikim like Job or Miriam. It is not a Jewish way to cure a patient by humiliating him and saying he is being punished. But it was frequent for the Nations until recently to torture the mental patients and accuse them to deal with the devil!

From a philosophical point of view, the New Philosophy of Professor Emmanuel Levinas proved that all the German Philosophy who gave the nazism and communism was based on the Materialistic Philosophy of the Greeks. In other words, in the Jewish Philosophy,we believe that every human being is Holy because he is created according to the image of G.od . Therefore, German philosophy, who rejected Spiritual Life,

promoted euthanasia, abortion,looting,mass execution of mental patients, Jews, gypsies,political prisoners.

Our fight against atheism, and the secular revolution of  1789, called also the Askala or the French revolution, was decided by both the Admor Hazaken, Rabbi Shnior Zalman, who wrote the  Sefer Tania Hakadosh, and also Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav. They both forbid to all the Jews of Europe to collaborate with the Emperor Napoleon, and his secular revolution, and help the Czar of Russia, in his war against Napoleon who was defeated in Russia and in Waterloo. The Russian Cossacks killed more than 40.000 Jews in Uman, but they killed only our material klipa. Napoleon wanted to kill our neshama, our souls, he wanted all the Jews to be assimilated.

In 2001 when another Napoleon, Prime Minister Barak, wanted to promote his secular revolution( Maapacha Chiloni) , Rabbi Ovadia Yossef ordered all the M.K. of Shass to leave the government, and the Barak government fell down.

In order to prevent the destruction of all the Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria, the Golan and the Jordan Valley we have to unite to make the Olmert government fall down, defeat the Secular Left in the next Municipal and Legislative elections. It is obvious that the new Likud has to be in the religious camp and not with the secular Israeli left, in order to sign after the elections the Historical Alliance that PM Menachem Begin signed with all the the religious parties.  Here is our program for the Municipal elections in Jerusalem. 

1. More strength towards the Muslims that don’t recognize the right of the People of Israel to live in the Land of Israel.  For instance thousands of Muslims coming from Judea-Samaria squatted without authorization to build territory that belongs to Jews in Jerusalem (Silwan).  The Likud is going to support financially the Yeshiva Atert Cohenim of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner in order to help Muslims who want to sell their property and leave Israel.

2. The Likud is going to re-establish in Jerusalem child allowance for Jewish families who have at least 5 children.

3. In order to prevent “Brain Drain” and offer more work opportunity, The Likud is going to build a new High Tech Zone in Atarot, similar to the one that the Likud built in Har Hotzvim.  The Jerusalem Airport which was not used since 1967 will be reopened and leased to a private company to operate under the name: Begin Airport.

4. In public health, we will reform the public health services to prevent the epidemics of Measles, (2003-2008 ) which are caused by poor adminstration of Centers of Family Health (Tipat Chalav).  We will create Home Hospitalization for patients who are in terminal stages.

5. The Likud is opposed to the poltics of weakness in front of the extreme left ecologists, who sabotaged the project to build cheap housing for young people in the suburbs of Jerusalem.



We are producing a new Folk Rock opera : “From the Altalena to Pollard, history of the conspiration of the Left”. Infos


Jerusalem Folk Club,June 22, with Mrs Esther Pollard, a survivor of the Altalena, and the new President of the Likud in Jerusalem, Michel Ben Ami. Jewish Music of Shlomo Carlebach, Aharon Razel, David Orbach, Ari Ben Yam, Dr Jazz Larry Brandt, Bruce Brill and more.