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The False Messiah, published in TorahYisrael Magazine

August 4, 2008

Today in Jewish History 27 Tammuz

In 1205, Pope Innocent III published official Church doctrine that said Jews were doomed to eternal damnation for the crucifixion of Jesus. This charge of deicide was the basis for much anti-Semitism throughout the Middle Ages. It wasn’t until 1963, with the Second Vatican Council, that Church doctrine was revised. The Pope Paul VI published a decree establishing that the Romans condemned and crucified Jesus and not the Jews.

 After almost 2000 years, the Catholic Church recognized the existence of the Jews as a Nation, and established diplomatic ties with the State of Israel in 1993. Until then the Church was calling itself “ Vero Israel “ , the True Israel, and the Jews were doomed to be wandering Jews. This is called in Psychiatry “ victimization “. For instance in the Sixties, a raped women was accused by the judge to be too provocative, the victim was transformed in a guilty women and the rapist was acquitted. During almost 2000 years, the evil Roman Empire and the Catholic church exterminated millions of Jews and the Jews are still “guilty”, or the Israelis are called nazis” ,guilty of apartheid by that stupid idiot Jimmy Carter, from Georgia whose family killed thousands of Black Slaves. When Carter was President, he did not even notice that the chief of the CIA Georges Bush senior gave to the President of Iran Bani-Sadr 20 millions of $ so that the 52 American hostages were liberated only after Ronald Reagan won the Presidential election.

Let’s not forget that the Israeli Left uses the same method  than the Catholic Church ( victimization ). Every year in November, the leftist politicians repeat that the Israeli right and the religious are responsible for what happened to Prime Minister Ytschak Rabin the 4th of November 1995. More than 60 % of the Israelis think that Ygal Amir was a Shabak Agent, that the Shabak ( Secret Security Services ) received 2 months in advance the written information that Amir wanted to assassinate Rabin and they helped him and put in the car a Shabak agent, Yeroham Rubin to terminate Prime Minister Rabin. After, they said that Yehoram Rubin commited suicide with a M 16 ( how can you commit suicide with a M16 ? ). Moreover, there is a really a cult of personality of Rabin ( like Stalin ) and Rabin is now the new Jesus, the false Messiah of the Israeli Left. For more articles published about it in the Israeli press or to hear a protest song about Rabin go to www. google. David Orbach or www.